Welcome, WILPF US Members!

This members-only webpage is an initiative by the national Nominating Committee for the 2017 board elections.  The goal of this webpage is to provide information to members about board candidates.  The Nominating Committee has posted the following documents to this webpage:

  • The answers to key questions on candidate applications
  • Candidate statements (when available, in a form longer than what will be included in the mailed ballot packet)
  • The names of those who signed the candidate's recommendation letters
  • Candidate resumes or "activist resumes" (edited, to remove certain personal

Candidates' Documents

Program Chair, 3-year term, Barbara Nielsen
Program Chair, 2-year term, Teresa Castillo
Secretary, Eileen Kurkoski

Proposed Bylaws Changes (original)
Bylaws Correction (posted 11.13.17)

If you have questions about election matters, please contact the Nominating Committee by e-mailingnominatingcommittee@wilpfus.org