Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

Do you like what WILPF is doing and have ideas about how to further its growth and improve its effectiveness? WILPF is exceptional among non-governmental organizations for the number and variety of opportunities it makes available for its members to involve themselves in its leadership at the national and international levels. That’s because our members are our organization, and our organization’s effectiveness depends—in every way—on the quality of our members.

Interested members are invited to apply for the following leadership positions:  

Deadline December 12

U.S. Section Representative to the United Nations. Two year term; appointed by board.

U.S. Section may also appoint up to two youth representatives to the United Nations. Youth representatives are ages 18 – 24 and invited to participate fully in all UN-DPI events (see: http://outreach.un.org/ngorelations/). Please use materials above to apply by December 12, if interested.

Deadline January 1

All the elected board positions will be up for election in 2014. Due to the initiation of staggered terms for board elections, unusual board terms apply to many positions to be elected in 2014. Any WILPF US member can nominate a WILPF US member for these 2014 openings. Please email the Board Nomination Form below to the Nominating Committee at nominations@wilpf.org. To apply for a board position, one must meet certain requirements.  Please see the board application form below.

Board Nomination Form (PDF)

Board Application Form

All application materials must be received by 1/1/14; qualified applicants will be interviewed by members of the nominating committee and asked to submit a statement of intentions for distribution to all WILPF members.  Early applications are greatly appreciated!

Board candidates apply for specific positions/jobs on the national board. To see the job descriptions for the various positions as well as their initial terms (while we transition to staggered board terms), please click here.

Open enrollment

  • Mini-Grant Monitoring Committee

You can help the Program work of WILPF US by assisting on the national Mini-Grant Application and Monitoring Committees.  Work can include following applications from first submission, helping people make their applications more acceptable and workable, working out budgets and defining the project.

We especially seek volunteers with some background in strategic planning and/or organizing of issue-related campaigns or projects as well as volunteers with some experience in grant applications or grant writing or project budgeting experience.  Attention to detail is also very helpful.  However, all volunteers with an interest in supporting WILPF US program efforts and giving useful input to grant applicants are encouraged to consider applying.  For further information, please contact either or both of the Program Chairs for further information (see http://wilpfus.org/about/current-national-board/board-directors) or contact Nominating Committee at nominations@wilpf.org.