Next steps for reviewing Hamas guide

Middle East Issue Committee

Copies of Hamas at the Middle East Peace Table: Why? by Barbara Taft and Ellen Rosser, have gone out to branches, and you can read it here or order copies from the national office at $5 each.

The committee’s first action item is for all branches and allies to read the booklet, discuss its contents and, once you are familiar with it, help us to get it out to other individuals and groups. See the suggestions on Page 19.

We expect it to generate fervent discussions and study groups; there will be agreements and then also dissents. We hope that our members will take the time to educate themselves about the issue, then mobilize into a campaign to create more peace in the Middle East – to insist on the participation of everyone relevant to the Peace Table and negotiations.

We also need to get it to our members of Congress, using personal delivery as our main methodology, either to local or D.C. offices, with feedback to us so that we know which offices have been contacted. Contact the co-authors with questions:
Barbara Taft 
Ellen Rosser  

Photo: Barbara Taft and Ellen Rosser (l to r), authors of WILPF’s new Hamas booklet, chat at the Detroit Congress.   Credit, Joan Bazar

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