The DISARM/End Wars committee has “clusters” of activity – or informal subcommittees -- on:

  1. nuclear weapons
  2. nuclear power
  3. keep space for peace, and
  4. End Wars

Our current priority is a Nuclear Free Future. DISARM/End Wars helps members participate in visits to Congress, the Pentagon, and the Administration in Washington D.C. in cooperation with the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability and their dozens of expert "nuke watchdogs." DISARM has also organized WILPF member participation in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty process at the United Nations, and is developing networks of nuclear power resisters active in their own states and communities.

DISARM/End Wars develops resources and fosters coordinated Branch action each year for Hiroshima-Nagasaki Days and August Nuclear-Free Future Month. It also fosters Branch and member participation in Keep Space for Peace Week (early October), in Tax Day (April 15), and in prevention of Gender Violence (November 16 to December 10).  We research causes of US wars and seek peaceful resolution of current conflicts and prevention of future ones.

DISARM/End Wars supports members and branches in their own projects.  Some have exposed local corporate and university war profiteering. Others launch projects on depleted uranium, children’s peace education, drones or targeting local nuclear research and industry. Branches organize peace vigils, peace camps and study groups. They visit Congress members and “speak truth to power.” Branches also work on legislation  through our Eye on Congress project.

Committee Co-chairs

Robin Lloyd

Barbara Nielsen

Ellen Thomas


Photo credit: Peace / San Francisco, Creative Commons Attribution License, photo by Σταρος