Actions for October 8 and Beyond

The US Supreme Court is scheduled to hear Opening Arguments on Tuesday, Oct. 8th in the case of McCutcheon v the FEC. This case provides the next extension of the Citizens United case, allowing the pro-corporate Court the opportunity to rule in favor of Shaun McCutcheon, an Alabama billionaire who supports conservative candidates.

September 26: A Great Day for Nuclear Disarmament

On September 26 US President Obama did not attend the United Nations summit on nuclear weapons disarmament as so many in the peace community have been urging him to do. The USA did launch an (unarmed) Minuteman III nuclear missile on that very same day despite our efforts to halt the test . But all in all it was a wonderful week at the United Nations as we moved closer to the nuclear weapons abolition which we seek. 


Democracy Convention Recap

WILPF US co-convened the Earth Democracy Conference at the Democracy Convention, Madison, WI, Aug. 7-11. The major theme was that we need to urgently collaborate nationally and internationally to build a global movement for People, Peace and the Planet, based on the principle of Guardianship for Future Generations and on human, civil, labor and earth rights not corporate rights that will lead to green economic transformation.

Keep Space for Peace Week

In September, we are focusing on Keep Space for Peace Week preparations and supplying resources for branches and membership on drones and other action poosibilities October 5 to 12. Our 2013 campaign for abolition of nuclear weapons also continues.

WILPF Statement on Syria

The use of chemical weapons is a serious violation of international law, regardless of which party to the conflict perpetrated the attack. But the use of chemical weapons, however abhorrent and illegal, should not be used as a pretext for military intervention. Other options are available and must be pursued.

Peace Movers in Afghanistan

Every once in a while you find an extremely thoughtful analysis that does justice to the complexities of a very knotty problem. The attached piece, “Calling for Peace: Impressions from our Journey,” is such an analysis. It is about the current situation in Afghanistan witten with clarity, sensitivity and  recommendations for a clear path to ending the conflict there. It tells the story of a one week visit to Kabul by a group of seven people from Germany who have been working for peace in Afghanistan for 10 years.

August Nuclear Free Future Month

It's August Nuclear Free Future Month again. Take action for abolition of nuclear weapons. Sign the petition to Obama. Ask your Representative to co-sponsor H.R. 1650. Nurture and active Mayors for Peace community. Rigister for events on the NFF August calendar. Thanks for all you do!


Jane Addams Children's Book Awards Ceremony

The Jane Addams Peace Association and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom look forward to seeing you on October 18, 2013 for the 60th Annual Jane Addams Children's Book Awards Ceremony. Speakers include Chair of JACBA, Marianne Baker, and the winning authors and illustrators.  Enjoy a reception and an opportunity for book signing after the formal presentation of the awards.  All the awarded books will be available for purchase.

Participate in a WILPF Committee

Looking to share your ideas, converse and participate in making our nation more socially just? WILPF-US is looking for members to take that next step, becoming more involved in tackling important issues that touch our hearts and our homes daily. One person can truly make a difference. That person is you!