Find Your WILPF Home!

Many WILPFers are active on multiple political, economic and cultural issues—yet they may not be active in WILPF.  Also, some WILPFers want to be active, but they don't have the situation locally to do so.  This is your invitation—no, your exhortation—to apply to become a national-level WILPF volunteer!

Blogging our way to 2015

Clacking castanets in Madrid’s central square, 74 international members of WILPF chanted “Peace and Freedom . . . No War . . . the World We Want!”  The Spanish Section hosted February’s International Board meeting and choreographed our flash mob. Activists from 27 nations shared ideas and experiences during three days of intense work.

Earth Democracy California Tour

Inspired after attending the Women’s Congress for Future Generations in Moab, Utah last September, Randa Solick, Mathilde Rand, Jean Hays, and Nancy Price, all from California, have launched the Earth Democracy California Tour to bring the concept of Guardianship for Future Generations and Rights and Responsibilities of Present Generations to the California WILPF Branches. Guardianship for Future Generations is the framing principle we are using to bring the work of Earth Democracy’s four sub-committees together.


Drone Research Announcement

Friends in WILPF and other organizations, we invite you and your colleagues to consider participating in a campaign to challenge US development and use of “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,” more commonly known as drones, for military and surveillance purposes.