DISARM/End Wars July 2013 Update

In this month of July, we pause to celebrate the varied work and many contributions of our WILPF Reaching Critical Will staff in Geneva and New York. We in the US work on local and national levels, while they concentrate on the internation, but our issues and challenges are intricately interconnected. In Geneva, WILPF staff participated in the first discussion of autonomous killer drones and humanitarian law held by government ambassadors meeting in the Human Rights Council.

At the 2013 World Social Forum

None of us knew the other WILPF members were coming. Heidi recognized me with my END WAR t-shirt. Most of us attended the enthusiastic Women’s Assembly that opened the forum, and several of us took part in a women’s workshop sponsored by Global Grassroots Justice Alliance and the World March of Women.

Call to Action for a Nuclear Free Future in Our Lifetimes

For the first time we have a bill in Congress calling for a nuclear free future by 2020—a short time frame within most of our own lifetimes. HELP WILPF LOBBY FOR NUCLEAR-FREE FUTURE BILL HR-1650:"Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act of 2013." Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton calls for nuclear weapons abolition by 2020 and for replacing nuclear power with truly green energy. Send your own Representative an email today urging co-sponsorship of HR 1650.

Forward Together! In North Carolina

North Carolina once was hailed as the Old South’s progressive stronghold… but no more! For the first time since 1898, extremist right-wing Republicans have won a super majority in the North Carolina Legislature, and a seat in the Governor's mansion, too. Since taking control of the State in January 2013, they’ve lost no time in unleashing an avalanche of regressive and repressive legislation that has left local WILPF members—and folks from throughout the State—reeling.

March Against Monsanto

WILPF members joined in Marches Against Monsanto, which took place in 436 cities in 52 countries on May 25, 2013. WILPF Raging Grannies led a crowd of 500 protesters in original songs against genetically engineered foods in San Jose, CA. Pittsburgh WILPFer Edith Bell demonstrated under a huge banner "We Can Limit Corporate Power" and handed out Move To Amend leaflets.

Eliminate Nuclear Weapons, Stop Drone Assassinations

In April, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced HR 1650, which, for the first time calls on Congress and the Administration to help rid the world of nuclear weapons by 2020!  WILPF women also continued to challenge nuclear power and the whole nuclear chain. In this photo WILPFers and friends wearing masks of ousted  NRC chief Gregory B. Jaczko  read his parting call for phasing out nuclear power to NRC commissioners at a Vermont Yankee hearing in Brattleboro VT.