News from Congress

This page is dedicated to videos, photos and stories recapping the events of WILPF’s 33rd Triennial Congress in Chicago July 27-30th, 2017.

Photos from Congress

Walk to Hull House by D Nunns      

For more photos, go to Photos from Congress here».

Videos Shown During Congress

WILPF Tribute Video WILPF US Wonder Women Video
WILPF Tribute to Yvonne Logan Rise UP—Greetings from Cameroon
Greetings from WILPF International Executive Committee Trinity School Award to WILPF

Videos Taken of Congress Sessions

Thursday Night Peace Activist Panel:
Phyllis Bennis:  go here (from Martha Spiess); go here (from Ellen Thomas)
Kathy Kelly:  go here (from Martha Spiess); go here (from Ellen Thomas)
Leah Bolger:  go here (from Ellen Thomas)
Ellen Thomas:  go here (from Ellen Thomas)

Friday Morning Plenary:
Larry Spivack:  go here (from Ellen Thomas

Friday Night Chicago Activist Panel:
Mary Dean:  go here (from Ellen Thomas)
Olga Bautista:  go here (from Ellen Thomas)
Jeanette Hernandez:  go here (from Ellen Thomas)
Pam Smith:  go here (from Ellen Thomas)

Friday Night Entertainment:
Sophie of Harmony, Hope and Healing:  go here (from Martha Spiess)

Saturday Morning Plenary:
WILPF International and the Commission on the Status of Women: CSW 61 and Practicum/Local2Global:  go here (from Ellen Thomas)

Saturday Afternoon Plenary:
Stefanee Asche:  go here (from Ellen Thomas)
Mary Hanson Harrison: go here (from Ellen Thomas)

Presentations at Congress
WILPF 101 Workshop:  STARTING (OVER)

Reports from Congress
Women Cultivating Peace, by Mary Hanson Harrison, go here.
Report by Shivani Pandey, go here.
Report by Candace Perry, go here.
Next Steps on Ban the Bomb, by Robin Lloyd, go here.

Congress Experience Survey Results
For a summary of the results from the Congress Survey, go here.
To see the ratings for all aspects surveyed, go here.
To see the complete list of open-ended responses, go here.