33rd Congress Transportation

Transportation To/From Congress:

Conference Facility Address:
Student Center West (SCW) – (UIC Building 938) 828 South Wolcott Avenue, Chicago IL 60612
NOTE:  the “South Wolcott” is very important. There is a North Wolcott with the same address, two miles away.

Dorms Address:
Polk Street Residence Hall (PSRH) – (UIC Building 937) 1933 West Polk Street, Chicago IL 60612
See UIC Westside Visitor Map.

The cost of transportation and travel arrangements to and from Congress are the responsibility of the attendee.  Chicago is a transportation hub, serviced by two airports (O’Hare and Midway), Amtrak and Greyhound and other public transportation.  Some helpful links follow*: 

Amtrak:  closest station is Union Station, 225 S Canal St, Chicago IL 60606
Approx. 10 min taxi ride to conference facility/dorm for estimated $7-12 taxi fare, depending on traffic.

Greyhound:  closest station is 630 W Harrison St, Chicago IL 60607
Approx. 5 min taxi ride to conference facility/dorm for estimated $5-10 taxi fare, depending on traffic.

Which airport to use?
Your decision regarding which airport to fly into will be based on flight availability and airfare.  Both airports offer transportation services to/from each airport as provided in the links below.

What transportation to use to/from airports?
Your decision regarding transit to/from the airport will be based on what you feel most comfortable using.  There are many good options, as provided in the to/from links below.  It is best to make to/from decisions closest to the date of travel, when transit authorities will have the most updated information regarding fares and what is available/scheduled. 

  • For transport options to/from O’Hare, go here.
  • For transport options to/from Midway, go here.

Note:  The WILPF Congress organizers are not arranging ride-sharing.

Public Transportation Options:

Chicago Transit Authority: runs the “L” (which stands for “elevated train”) with connections at both airports.
Call RTA Travel Information Center with any questions and for updated schedules:  312-836-7000.
For reduced fares on the “L,” Seniors, disabled and Medicare recipients need a permit in advance to qualify. For Reduced Fare Permits, go here

Metra: commuter train station, with connections near O’Hare.
Call Metra Passenger Services Department at 312-322-6777 weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. or the RTA Travel Information Center at 312-836-7000 on evenings and weekends with any questions and for updated schedules.

  • From Chicago O’Hare Airport:
    • by CTA Blue Line “L” to Illinois Medical District (IMD) Station, then walk 0.75 mi to conference center/dorms = $5
    • by Metra North Central Service (NCS) Train to Union Station, then taxi to conference center/dorms = approx.  $6 + $7-12 fare
  • From Midway Airport:
    • by CTA Orange Line “L”, Transfer to Pink Line “L” to Polk Station, then walk 0.3 mi to conference center/dorms = $3

For details regarding the public transit options listed above, go here.


Taxis are the most convenient way to travel to/from the airports.  Go to an airport taxi stand to be sure you get a licensed taxi driver.  For current fares, check the City of Chicago taxi passenger information website.   Share a ride with another Congress attendee and split the fare to save money.

  • From Chicago O’Hare Airport: 20 miles and 60-minutes to conference center/dorms = approx. $60
  • From Midway Airport:  10 miles and 30-minutes to conference center/dorms = approx. $30

Uber:  car for hire; fares vary by time of day, date and availability

  • From Chicago O’Hare = approx. $50
  • From Midway Airport = approx. $20

Lyft:  car for hire; fares vary by time of day, date and availability of shared riding

  • From Chicago O’Hare = approx. $25 (shared ride)
  • From Midway Airport = approx. $15 (shared ride)

*We do not endorse, verify or confirm any of the results provided on the transit website links above. It is best to contact the transport provider for up-to-date schedules and fees.

For questions:
Contact the Congress Coordinator: Chris Wilbeck, chris.wilpf@gmail.com or 515-229-6988