Coffee to counter hate and fear

Submitted by the Development Committee of WILPF US

Who would imagine that one cup of coffee could help counter hate and fear? Claire Gosselin, that’s who! Claire buys WILPF a cup of coffee every month. Thank you Claire!

It’s easy . . . and once it’s arranged, she doesn’t have to think about it again.

“WILPF is a big part of my life and I donate on a monthly basis to support its work—like I pay the electric bill—so that, like electricity, WILPF can shed light on moving to a better society for all,” says Claire, of Boston MA WILPF.

“I joined WILPF in early 2003 because of its ‘big picture’ perspective—one that sees the connections between the problems we face in our country and how it operates Internationally.

“I was also drawn to WILPF’s focus on engaging women at all levels, local to global, for our own full inclusion as well as for the greater common good.”

Will YOU be a WILPF US Cup of Coffee Sustainer?

If every one of our members donated to WILPF in addition to their dues, we’d be able to do a lot more to support and empower our branches and members.

Sign up online or call 617-266-0999 for help getting started!


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