Buy WILPF a Cup of Coffee Once a Week!

Become a Sustainer with a continuing PLEDGE of support.  It’s painless. 

We can’t succeed with dues alone.
We are assessed $15 by International WILPF for every member.
So out of the $35 dues you pay once a year, WILPF US keeps only $20. 

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It costs money to run an organization like WILPF.   

40 branches across the US … and growing, Issue Committees to support, mini-grants to administer, budgets to oversee, communications to support, liaison with our United Nations programs and with WILPF International….. and ongoing support and communication with our branches and members.
There’s a lot of moving parts to keep YOU our members informed, engaged and supported, keep up our national visibility, and support our partners and collaborators. 

It costs even more money to GROW one …

  • To increase membership
  • Add new branches in strategic locations
  • To expand the work we do for peace
  • And to support the work that you, our members do, in communities across America. 

Here are some options for you!

What kind of difference could your regular $5 donation make?

1 cup of coffee a week
If half our 1400 members bought WILPF a cup of coffee once a week, it would look like this:
$5/ week = $182,000 a year… That is more than half of our annual operating budget!
Put me down for $5 a week.

1 cup of coffee a month

If half our 1400 members bought WILPF a cup of coffee once a month, it would look like this:
$5/month =  $42,000 a year towards our annual operating budget!
Put me down for $5 a month.

OPTION 3  -  Be a Sustainer
2 cups of coffee a week
If half of our 1400 members bought WILPF a cup of coffee twice a week, it would look like this:
$10/week = $364,000… we’d be covering our operating budget easily!
Put me down for $10 a week. 

2 cups of coffee a month
If half our 1400 members bought WILPF a cup of coffee twice a month, it would look like this;
$10/month = $84,000 a year towards our operating budget!
Put me down for $10 a month. 

The Price Tag for Activism

Our ordinary basic annual organizational budget is approximately $300,000.           

We can’t cover that just with our dues, even with the recent increase.  Why not?
We are assessed $15 by International WILPF for every member.
So out of the $35 you pay once a year, WILPF US keeps $20.
With only about 1400 members (and growing) that’s only about $28,000 a year.
That’s just not enough to keep us moving forward and shaping the initiatives the issues demand. 

Wow, I didn’t know that!   Put me down to be a SUSTAINER!  

Gaining more members would help

We’re challenging our branches to recruit more deliberately. But the fact is that we’re ALL going to have to contribute more than our dues to keep WILPF strong. Some of us contribute major gifts each year to WILPF. Some don’t contribute anything above our dues. 

To stay successful, we ALL will need to contribute what we can. 

With today’s challenges to peace, economic justice, and human rights,
there has never been a more urgent time for WILPF to regenerate and rededicate itself
to create a meaningful progressive presence

in communities across America.

OKAY, I’m ready to buy WILPF a cup of coffee now

WILPF budget details

Our $300,000 annual operation budget pays for all the ways we support peace & freedom around the country.

Communications – Monthly E News, Frequent E Alerts, 2 or more issues of Peace & Freedom each year, Brochures, Handouts, Reports from Issue Committees and National, the Maestro ONE WILPF All Member Calls (free to us, but time-consuming to plan and steer!). We use editorial consultants, graphic design consultants, conference calling services, and website gurus that keep our messaging updated and fresh.

Website Maintenance –  Our public face, with lots of security considerations, hosting costs, and graphics that make us look as good as the work we’re doing! 

Program SupportMini-Grants that provide seed money for important projects at the branch, issue committee and campaign level.   The most exciting part of what we do is enable YOUR activism! Our exciting annual UN Practicum in Advocacy Program is our best Recruiting tool for engaging young leaders of tomorrow. And our Local 2 Global Program facilitates the participation of up to 4 of our WILPF members a year to attend the annual CSW meetings in NYC every year, to bring back to their communities a deeper understanding of how local issues connect with the global issues we address in our eloquent and inspiring Manifesto.

Support Materials – We need to design and print new recruiting materials, new donor materials, new program materials. That’s what it takes to support our work and GROW our network of peacewomen.

Administrative Costs – We maintain a small staff and a Boston office, we pay utilities and computer support costs.  We are obligated to maintain several kinds of insurance under our corporate charter.  And we have a part time book keeper who helps us stay in IRS compliance! These are costs we rely on our members to fund.

International Support – We are assessed $15 for every one of our current members which goes directly to support International WILPF and our wonderful UN Programs, Peacewomen and Reaching Critical Will.  WILPF US also has representatives on our International Board who require travel costs to attend those international meetings. 

Partner Support – WILPF maintains strong working collaborations with partners in other NGOs and Peace Organizations, activist groups and environmental coalitions.   Many of those require annual support and travel to Board Meetings or National/International meetings.  We should do more of this, in order to raise our visibility, but we do as much as we can afford.