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2017 Fundraising Goal

Everyone IN, nobody OUT. That’s what it’s going to take to reach our fundraising goal for 2017.

Our Fundraising Goal for 2017 has been finalized and approved by the WILPF US Board. It’s a “Bold” plan that requires everyone’s participation. Fundraising is everyone’s job at WILPF. How well will we do together? If we ALL contribute, it won’t be hard to reach our goal.

The 2017 Goal for Development at WILPF: $73,000

  • Cup of Coffee Campaign Goal (see more below): $13,200
  • Major Gifts ($250 or more): $40,000
    • 50 gifts of $250 =    $12,500
    • 20 gifts of $500 =    $10,000
    • 10 gifts of $1000 =  $10,000
    • 3 gifts of $2000  =   $  7,500
  • Appeals: $13,000
  • Other (events, online giving, memorial gifts): $6,800

Total for 2017: $73,000

Be a Sustainer: Buy WILPF a Cup of Coffee

We are hoping to gain 220 new donors this year through our monthly automatic payment plan—a painless way to donate as little as $5 a month, but one that makes a big difference to WILPF US:

Cup of Coffee Campaign Goal: $5/month = $60/year x 220 members donating = $13,200.

The easiest way to invest in peace and peacemaking at WILPF is to be part of our Cup of Coffee campaign, with regular monthly or weekly deductions so small you won’t miss them, but large enough to make a big difference at WILPF US.

Participate in the Campaign.


The next ONE WILPF CALL is Thursday, May 11, 4pm pacific/7pm eastern.

Find out what all the excitement is about! Join us. It’s easy. Connect, Engage, Lead—Together on the ONE WILPF ALL MEMBER CALL.

Just click on the Preregistration link to register.

You can call in with only your phone, or using both your phone and your computer for a fuller communication experience. All voices will be muted during the general part of the call and open during Break Out Rooms.

  • PRESS 5 on your phone keypad if you have any technical problems.
  • PRESS 1 on your phone keypad during Q&A to raise your hand and get on the stack, or to vote in real-time polls.

When We Stand Together . . .

We amplify each other’s voices . . . We strengthen each other’s work.

Our first Solidarity event, on April 22, offered inspiring images and created awareness of the breadth of our work across the US. Twenty-six branches from across the US participated on some level in the efforts we made to stand together as ONE WILPF, with the same message, on the same day, facing the same direction.

While the rest of the country was focusing on climate change and science, WILPF members were helping folks connect the dots between militarism and war and their unintended consequences in terms of

  • climate (environmental degradation, water shortages, droughts, extreme weather);
  • women (human rights abuses, human trafficking, the plight of climate and war refugees, the most vulnerable populations bearing most of the burden); and
  • peace (the unthinkable consequences of nuclear winter if a nuclear bomb is used, the fallout of Trump’s foreign policy of aggression, and the endless cycle of war that profits the wealthy and devastates our young soldiers and their families).

The images we produced were pretty inspiring. Joining our efforts across the US underscored our broad capacity as ONE WILPF. In the face of the work that lies ahead of us, we’re going to need that vision of strength and solidarity every day. Your GIFT today to WILPF US helps fund this kind of organizing, and keeps us strong for all the work that lies ahead.

In the days leading up to April 22, we organized with banners and signs that united us under one theme, one graphic image. We were able to demonstrate a united front, and during the Earth Day weekend we flooded social media with images of unity and unanimity.

During that weekend, thousands of people visited our booths. Hundreds talked to our current members, picked up handouts, and signed up to receive more information or to become new members.

This, our first Solidarity experience, really was a winner! Standing together, on one day, with one theme and one voice, across the US . . . WILPF women, you look strong and ready to RESIST!

For a complete list of all the events held across the US, send an email to with the subject line “EVENT LIST please.” To see more photos, visit the Peace & Planet Before Profit webpage.


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