Stand up for humanity: Ban the bomb!

From left: Jane Magers, Maggie Rawland, Linda Sapbovida, Jan Corderman. Credit: Al McDonell.

By Jan Corderman, Des Moines Branch and WILPF US Treasurer

The way toward nuclear disarmament has many different paths. Members of the Des Moines Branch took the opportunity to discuss the issue and distribute leaflets at the downtown farmers market. In an act of solidarity, simultaneous with the June 17 Women’s March to Ban the Bomb, members asked shoppers to help press for a good outcome during the second round of negotiations at the UN.

WILPFers were pleased to learn that President Mary Hanson Harrison’s op-ed, Stand up for Humanity: Ban the Bomb!, published two days before the farmers market, had been noticed. There was agreement that “There are no borders, no walls and no soldiers to hold the line when the nuclear blast hits home (wherever that may be),” as Mary noted in the op-ed.


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