Sacramento displays solidarity

Esther, Aurora, and Sabreena

Esther, Aurora, and Sabreena, the oldest and youngest members of the Sacramento Branch. Courtesy Penelope Taylor.

Sacramento WILPF has been making good use of its new Solidarity banner. It was displayed at the UU Spring Equinox/Peace Event on March 18, when members Darien, Esther, and Pennie shared their experiences and memories of WILPF’s 100-year birthday in The Hague in April 2015 and spoke of its significance. The afternoon ended with a delicious potluck.

And, Sacramento members also used their Solidarity banner to publicize the work of WILPF on March 19, when they joined with the Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area (HAGSA) to celebrate Women’s History/Herstory Month with folksinger Tom Neilson, who was performing his “Blowing the Whistle” concert tour.

 Sacramento Branch members    Darien De Lu with folksinger Tom Neilson.

Left: Sacramento Branch members Pennie, Don, Esther, Laurie, and Darien (Ellen not pictured) at the UU Spring Equinox/Peace Event. Courtesy Penelope Taylor.
Right: Darien De Lu with folksinger Tom Neilson. Courtesy Penelope Taylor.

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