The trial of the century

Spraying crops in Hungary. Credit: Péter Czégény; Creative Commons.

By Nancy Price, Earth Democracy

Currently, it’s impossible under law to bring criminal charges against a company like multinational agricultural and chemical giant Monsanto or against its management for its crimes against humanity and ecocide. The Monsanto Tribunal, October 15-16, in The Hague will invoke international law to get a ruling.

The purpose of the Monsanto Tribunal is to get a ruling—even a symbolic one—against Monsanto by a bench of real judges, after verifiable proceedings in an international court, and to contribute to the establishment of international mechanisms to bring justice to victims of multinational corporations.

Plan an event now and order our Human Right to Health and Safe Food cards to receive them in time.

Get busy planning a local event and make use of these resources.

The Monsanto Tribunal has a flyer available, in both English and Spanish versions:

Look at the “Campaign Board” for materials to use that include a PowerPoint presentation, a template for submitting testimony, and the Tribunal web TV for live-streaming the Peoples’ Assembly and the Monsanto Tribunal (coming soon).

Explore the Monsanto Tribunal website, for there is a wealth of material. For example, check out:


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