Participate in a WILPF Committee

by the WILPF Nominating Committee

Looking to share your ideas, converse and participate in making our nation more socially just? WILPF-US is looking for members to take that next step, becoming more involved in tackling important issues that touch our hearts and our homes daily. One person can truly make a difference. That person is you! It starts with one and grows to millions. We hope you consider joining the Development, Finance, Membership Development, Personnel, or Nominating Committees.  Below lists some of the qualities committee members ought to bring to the team and how you can get involved.    


“Each person must live their life as a role model to others.” ~ Rosa Parks


Development Committee

Committee members ought to have:

  • A desire to assist with and ideas for fundraising efforts
  • Good communications skills
  • A network for donor and fundraising communications or a desire to develop one


Finance Committee

Committee members ought to have:

  • A reliable nature
  • Budget or accounting experience/ background or a desire to gain experience
  • Organization skills and be detail-oriented


Personnel Committee

Committee members ought to have:

  • Some background in personnel, union work, supervision, or labor relations
  • Good writing and communication skills
  • A willingness to assist with personnel policy issues, evaluations and suggestions


Membership Development Committee

Committee members ought to have:

  • Creative and personable skills
  • Ideas for increasing membership and membership renewal
  • A desire to support WILPF branches


Nominating Committee

Committee members ought to have:

  • An interest in the future health of WILPF
  • An interest in promoting leadership and finding candidates for WILPF leadership positions
  • Good communication skills and be personable


Let’s all channel any negative emotions into positive social change!  Let your voice be heard.  Apply today to be a National WILPF Committee Member.  


*Please Note: You must be a current WILPF member and have been one for at least 2 months to be on a committee. 


For further information and to apply, please contact the Nominating Committee at


To get further information visit our volunteer opportunities web page.

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