It's Time to Take Steps That Can Put an End to War!

by MacGregor Eddy and Carol Urner, DISARM/End Wars Issue Committee

In the very early hours of Thursday morning, September 26—the very day of the United Nations summit meeting on nuclear disarmament—the Pentagon is scheduled to launch a Minuteman III nuclear missile toward the Marshall Islands. 

It will carry no warhead, but may be meant to carry a message to Iran, Syria, North Korea and the world that the US is ready to use nuclear weapons to enforce its will. Deliberate or not, September 26 is not only the UN nuclear disarmament summit, it is also the 30thanniversary of the day a Russian Colonel saved the world from Nuclear Holocaust. 

We are asking all WILPFers and their friends  to please call the White House or send an email (action form - don't forget to sign your own name to the letter) this Wednesday or even on Thursday. And let us dedicate our own actions and the day of 9/26 to the memory of Colonel Petrav.

This is not the time for  nuclear threats or military options. This is the time to begin negotiations and enter the paths to abolition of nuclear and all other weapons of mass destruction. This is the time to begin taking steps that can put an end to war.

Send an email to President Obama here and tell him to stand for peace! Don't forget to sign your own name to the letter.

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