International Secretariat Updates

Dear IB members and Sections,

There have been many exciting, new developments that the International Secretariat would like to share with you. 

For the first time ever, WILPF International Secretariat has created an Annual Report providing an overview of the major activities and events of our three programmes and our MENA Agenda 1325 Project.

It features interviews with a diverse array of WILPF members and provides an overview of Sections’ work for the year.

We are very proud of our Annual Report for 2012, be sure to check it out! 

Read Annual Report online

Download Annual Report

Read Audits 2012

Updated WILPF Newsletter: Membership News

Announcing the arrival of the first edition of our updated newsletter, Membership News. If you did not receive it, then read the first issue here!

The newsletter replaces the former WILPF International Update and will better portray the diverse work of our Sections and International members. 

So what is new?

  • Everyone can subscribe to the newsletter
  • The content focuses even more on Sections' work
  • You can translate the newsletter into your own language. Just click the link on the right corner of the newsletter! 

How does the Newsletter work?

Sections should submit their news and updates including text and photos to

For the rest of 2013 we will distribute the newsletter according to the quantity of news we receive from our Sections. So this cannot work without your input!

For 2014 and the foreseeable future, the Sections will receive publication timelines, which will summarize publication dates and deadlines for Sections to submit news and information. So the sooner you email us your news, the better!

How can you help?

To help make this updated newsletter successful, please share the subscription link to other WILPF members in your section: Since this newsletter is reserved for WILPF members only, we request that you don't post the link on social media (i.e. Facebook).  

It has been a great year for communications at the International Secretariat and we know that with your help, next year will be even better. 


In Peace,

The International Secretariat 

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