Fracking in Pennsylvania

The WILPF Mobile and participants on the trip to view fracking sites

The WILPF Mobile and participants on the trip to view fracking sites in Dimock, PA. Photo courtesy of Judith Elson.

By Judith Elson, Greater Philadelphia Branch Earth Justice Committee

The Earth Justice Committee of the Greater Philadelphia Branch received a mini-grant to fund a one-day guided tour of fracking sites in Dimock, Pennsylvania. On November 12, we rented a minivan, hired a local guide and videographer, and visited various fracking sites in Dimock, Pennsylvania, home to Cabot Oil and Gas and other companies fracking shale, seven days a week. We were able to see the wells, pipes, compressors, contaminated water, and ruined property. We visited residents who have been impacted by fracking. They have no clean water to drink or to bathe in. They have to pay for weekly water delivery and store it in large water buffalo tanks that are delivered each week. They told us how fracking has impacted their lives, medically, financially, and environmentally.

We filmed our tour and will present this video in February at a gathering of Philadelphia environmental groups and other interested Philadelphians. Much needs to be done to alert the public to what is happening about 150 miles from Philadelphia. Highly toxic carcinogens like benzine and radioactive radium from fracking operations are polluting our drinking water and poisoning our fish. Stay tuned for an update after our presentation.


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