Earth Democracy NOW!

By Nancy Price, Earth Democracy

2017 – Time to rise up and build the movement of movementswe’ve dreamed of and talked about. Join the One WILPF Call on Thursday, January 12 to continue planning the WILPF US Solidarity Event. When we stand together we WIN!

The WILPF US Earth Democracy National Issue Committee endorses the People’s Climate Movement call to stand up and take action to protect everything and everyone we love

in the first hundred hours of Trump’s administration,
in the first hundred days, and beyond

No denying, Trump’s election and his cabinet choices are a threat to the people and the planet, now and into the future, in the US and globally. We must vigorously oppose attacks on working people, labor unions, people of color, immigrants, women, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and our environment.

Trump’s administration threatens to undo all of our progress on global warming and set the climate justice movement back years—years that we cannot afford.

Remember Bill Moyer, the social change activist (not the Bill Moyer of the Backbone Campaign), who defined the eight stages of successful social movements?

Some organizers are saying we are at Stage Six, “Majority Public Support.” Read more below about what we must accomplish in Stage Six.

Here’s what to do now:

1. Join the ONE WILPF Call on Thursday, January 12 at 4pm pacific/7pm eastern, to continue planning our WILPF US April Solidarity Action and to hear from the scheduled speaker, Margaret Flowers of Popular Resistance.

Preregistration is REQUIRED. You can call in with only your phone or by using both your phone and your computer for a fuller communication experience.

2. Take part in the first 100 hours of action, beginning with Inauguration Day. Here is specific information on events for January 20, Inauguration Day, #DisruptJ20: Festival of Resistance, in Washington, DC, and across the country.

From Saturday, January 21 to Tuesday, January 24, during the first 100 hours of Trump’s administration, join the call for rallies, vigils, demonstrations, and organizing meetings around the country. Mark your calendar now and find an event near you or plan an event and add it to the map.

On the January 12 ONE WILPF Call, we’ll have a breakout room for logistics planning.

3. Plan for the 100th day of Trump’s administration, April 29, when there will be a massive march in Washington, DC—one even larger than the September 2014 New York City People’s Climate March.

KEEP WILPF VISIBLE! Organizing Resources are available.

Be sure to:

1. Order your CLIMATE JUSTICE+WOMEN+PEACE Infographic Cards now from Marybeth Gardam,, and your Earth Democracy banner from Nancy Price,

2. Read Bill Moyer’s Eight Stages of Successful Social Movements.

Popular Resistance’s newsletter says: “a key thing to note about successful popular movements is that one never knows how close the movement is to winning. The most difficult times often occur when victory is just around the corner and the power structure stiffens its back in fear of the movement.”

This newsletter states we are at Stage Six. Stage Seven is success and Stage Eight is defending the success and moving to the next struggle. Briefly, the tasks of Stage Six are to:

  • Educate that the problems we face are systemic.
  • Be positive change agents and keep to the moral high ground.
  • Change political culture rather than succumb to it.

ONWARD for Earth Democracy and Peace and Freedom!


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