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Credit: Popular Resistance/Flush the TPP #NoLameDuck Uprising,

By Nancy Price, Earth Democracy

As guardians of present and future generations, it’s time for us to make sure there is #NoLameDuck congressional vote on the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. We also stand in solidarity with tribal water protectors and our Standing Rock sisters calling for #NODAPL.


In five years, we’ve come this far. We have the power to stop the TPP, but it will require making members of Congress fearful of a popular revolt. Remember that the Lame Duck Session goes from November 17 to December 16. If you can, go to the DC mobilization November 13-17. The first day, November 13, is a day of preparation, and November 14 is the major day for marches and actions. There will be roles for everyone—support roles, creating art and props, marching, and more. If you can join, even just for November 14, please let the organizers know by registering for the No Lame Duck Uprising.

November 17-27, members of Congress are “in district” for Thanksgiving, so continue your protest with local actions and bird-dogging your Congress member at events. We need to maintain pressure every way possible and get our Congress members to pin down their “No” vote. For more information and ideas, see the eAlert Take Action on TPP and Climate Justice. We know that this is the holiday season for some people, and Congress knows that too. That is why this is the time of year when they sneak through the worst bills.


Answer the call of our Sisters at Standing Rock Camp, who urge us to phone the White House at 1-303-816-3559 to ask President Obama to investigate potential human and civil rights violations and reject this dirty Dakota Access pipeline once and for all!

Now that Native American leaders have vowed to stay all winter and have filed a lawsuit against the police, funds are urgently needed and can be donated via the #NoDAPL Solidarity website.

Please read our September 19, 2016 statement, Water Is Life: WILPF US Stands with Water Defenders against the Pipeline, which makes clear that if Congress passes the TPP in the Lame Duck Session, export of fracked oil and gas will increase exponentially, along with all the associated infrastructure—pipelines, expanded ports, and oil-bomb trains and huge ocean tankers—leading to increased carbon footprint, further environmental harm to people and to Mother Earth, and global warming and extreme weather events.

If we defeat the TPP, we can then move on to defeat the other two trade agreements—TTIP and TiSA—and outline our vision of fair trade and work toward a truly green renewable energy economy.


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