Calling on all members against Monsanto

Portion of the Monsanto Tribunal flyer. Credit:

By Marybeth Gardam, Development Chair, and Nancy Price, Earth Democracy

It’s time to plan events and actions around the International Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly that will take place October 14-16, 2016, in The Hague to hold Monsanto accountable for “crimes against humanity” and “ecocide.”

The organizers include Vandana Shiva, Corinne Lepage, Marie-Monique Robin, Olivier De Schutter, Gilles-Éric Séralini, and Hans Herren. These are familiar names to those who have followed the press on the harm of RoundUp and glyphosate on health and the failure of GMO crops to provide the food security claimed by Monsanto and corporate agriculture. Read more about this history-making tribunal against Monsanto.

Nancy has been asked to participate with our ally the Organic Consumers’ Association in planning for the tribunal. WILPF US unanimously approved the Human Right to Health and Safe Food Resolution at our 2014 National Congress and again at the 2015 International Congress.

We have authority to organize around this tribunal and to issue a Call to Action, both at home and internationally. The Earth Democracy and Corporations v Democracy Issue Committees urge members and branches to plan actions, teach-ins, and forums to support the tribunal events in October.

The organizers of this tribunal are inviting groups and organizations to hold events during October 14-16, which will be included on a calendar and map, and especially to have events on World Food Day, October 16, the last day of the tribunal.

Because the tribunal will be live-streamed, please see if you can find a venue, such as your local library, where you can host an event to watch the tribunal and host a discussion.

For any branch or member interested in participating in the People’s Tribunal at The Hague, or in supporting their efforts on World Food Day with events and actions here in the U.S., please contact Nancy Price at, using the subject line: MONSANTO TRIBUNAL.

If you want to order more copies of the WILPF US Human Right to Health and Safe Food Infographic Card  about Monsanto and Glyphosate’s health threats, contact Marybeth Gardam at Please use the Subject line: MONSANTO TRIBUNAL.

We look forward to working collaboratively across the U.S., organizing for the October events.


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