2013 Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Abolition Treaty

In February, the WILPF DISARM/End War Issue Committee is launching our 2013 Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Abolition Treaty. We will work closely with Reaching Critical Will to end our nation’s Faustian bargain.

Our committee members are already working to break all links in the nuclear chain, believing that all of them—from uranium mining to plutonium production to nuclear weapons to nuclear power, nuclear waste and depleted uranium are already threatening the full range of  earth's life forms and the health of the planet itself.

The bodies of women and children are especially vulnerable to radiation from the nuclear industry, and our water, soil and air are increasingly under attack. And the threat to future life on earth will continue growing through the generations if we can not cure addiction to the bomb and the nuclear industry.

Whatever your own primary concerns in WILPF plan to spend at least some time in 2013 on abolition of nuclear weapons as a necessary step toward demilitarization, disarmament and ending wars.

Check out resources from Reaching Critical Will and I-Can for achieving nuclear abolition by 2020. Investigate WILPF supported international events and U.S. events during February, March, April and May. We hope to supply many possibilities for action in the weeks and months ahead.

Image credit: Image courtesy of Abolition 2000 network, of which WILPF is an active and founding member

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