WILPF: 100 Years Forward

Dear Members,

We want your input and ideas for our next 100 years! Here you will find the vision and goals created by our 4 break-out groups during our September retreat. They are Program, Finance and Development, Communications, and Personnel.  We were told to think big- focus on our hopes and dreams for WILPF-US. Our break out group visions and goals are meant to function as a working document. Nothing about this has been set in stone. Everything is open for debate and new ideas. The details will come later, now is the time to create our shared future.

It is our hope that all WILPF-US members will help shape our future by contributing. We also hope that regional and branch meetings will take the time to discuss and contribute to this collaboration. When commenting, think about all of the great promise WILPF has and the big picture ways you hope WILPF will thrive in the next 100 years.

Please take the time to share your comments. In order to prevent spam, comments will be moderated, and may take one to two days to post. If there are any problems using this site, please let us know.

Let’s make history!

To learn more, visit the WILPF: 100 Years Forward site.