The survey says ... Congress attendees had good experiences!

Walk to Hull House. Credit Martha Spiess

By Chris Wilbeck, WILPF US 2017 Congress Coordinator

Those who attended the WILPF-US 33rd Triennial Congress were asked to take a short survey to rate their experience.  Approximately half of those who attended Congress (44 of 90 attendees) completed the survey and provided feedback on what went well and what could be improved.

Congress attendees were very satisfied!

Asked for their overall satisfaction with their experience with Congress (using a 4 point rating scale to force non-neutral positions), 75% were very satisfied and 95% were satisfied+very satisfied.

Congress survey results

Comments included:

“This was my first time to attend.  It was informative and inspiring.”
“It was my first Congress and I loved it: excellent speakers and WILPF leaders present and engaged!”
“The Congress was more focused than earlier Congresses.”
“It was the first Congress I've been to (where) there was a more positive and encouraging atmosphere among the attendees.”
“I appreciated the feel that was created for the event.  Whether in the lobby or either of the conference large rooms, I felt WILPF around me.”

Complete Summary Recap

For the complete summary, including ratings for Overall Program, Schedule, Panel Nights, Workshops,  and other aspects of Congress evaluated, go here.



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