Women’s March and Rally to Ban the Bomb

New York City, June 17. Courtesy WILPF US Facebook page.

The June 17 Women’s March and Rally to Ban the Bomb “was a success, but the work isn’t over.” So reads the headline on the homepage of the Ban the Bomb website.

More than 150 events were held in solidarity with the main march, in New York City. Sister marches were held across the US and Canada, and in countries in Europe, the Pacific Rim, Africa, and the Middle East. See a full list of the cities holding marches on the Ban the Bomb march and rally website.

A number of WILPF US branches held events of their own on June 17—only a few of which are described in related news articles here. Other photos and reports are being collected on the WILPF US Facebook page.

The WILPF International blog post, “It Rained, It Poured—We Conquered,” reported: “Amid torrential downpours, against a backdrop of high rises, yellow cabs and food vendors, crowds of determined activists pushed their way across midtown Manhattan on 17 June. The sea of umbrellas was punctuated by bright bold signs demanding an end to nuclear weapons, and calls and chants to ban the bomb.” WILPF played a leading role in this “event built on a strong tradition of women’s leadership in mobilising for peace and disarmament that has existed since the start of the atomic age.” Read the full blog.

Photos from June 17 have been collected on the WILPF Flickr page.

Reaching Critical Will has posted live video of the New York march, and more videos—both informative and entertaining can be viewed on the Ban the Bomb website.


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