The WILPF US Spring Appeal

Submitted by the Development Committee of WILPF US

Everyone IN, nobody OUT. The WILPF US Spring Appeal is in your mailbox. The capacity for WILPF members to stand TOGETHER across the US is inspiring.

We hope you will reply to the appeal with a generous donation. You can return your check in the envelope that came with the appeal, or you can donate online here.

That kind of organizing takes coordination and resources. Our first solidarity event, on April 22, is just the first step in increasing our visibility . . . but we need everyone in. Please dig deep to invest in WILPF’s future.

WILPF US is working hard to support the members and branches who keep us active and visible in communities across America. Many of our members have been engaged with WILPF for decades, devoting hours, and often most of their lives, to the work we do for peace and planet and human rights. But amazingly, few of our members actually contribute beyond their dues to the organization that is so unique.

What makes WILPF unique? Why are we worthy of your donation?

WE’RE ALL ABOUT EMPOWERING WOMEN. When women organize for change, change is sustainable, practical and effective. We work on a broad array of issues, but always through the lens of women and families and how policy and politics affect them. “LISTEN TO WOMEN . . . FOR A CHANGE!”

1. We’re in This for the Long Haul.

After 100 years, no one can doubt our longevity. Founded by Jane Addams of Hull House, WILPF has been connecting human rights and economic justice to the roots of war since 1915. We have a strong and resilient organization that provides activists with the support and structure to maximize their effectiveness.

2. We Work at the International Level, Too.

We combine national and international action, raising the voices and issues of women across the city and around the world and connecting the dots to show how international policies and economies built on war affect women and families everywhere. With our standing at the United Nations, we monitor the actions of that body and hold nations accountable for their actions and inaction. We provide mentoring experiences for women through our UN Practicum for Advocacy and Local 2 Global programs.

3. Your Presence Means More at WILPF.

Putting it quite simply, when you invest time in an organization where there is already vast support, you’re just another volunteer. But engaging now, as WILPF US stands ready to reimagine itself and recreate itself in the twenty-first century, amid so many old and new challenges—well, that makes your time and effort so much more meaningful. Your contribution will ensure the continuation of WILPF. We need you NOW!

4. “Everything We Cherish Is under Attack.”—Wendell Berry

Our very democracy, our human rights and our Constitutional rights are being attacked and diminished. Our resources—our water, our clean air, our biodiversity, the health of our soil, the life-giving nutrients in our food—are being threatened and privatized. Our “Common Wealth” is being divided up among a small minority of very wealthy profiteers.

WILPF understands that it’s all connected. None of these attacks are happening in isolation. We’ll never fix them by working on them individually. Our work must be broader to encompass the systemic issues we face. At WILPF, we educate, we organize, we make a difference.

5. No One Else Is Like WILPF.

We’re not just a virtual presence. We’re the ones who show up, at protests, at events. We participate and actively support our colleagues and partners. While many other organizations exist to address peace issues and environmental issues—and they do wonderful, necessary work—WILPF works at a more deeply engaged community level, building on the resources you as members bring to the table. Your voices, your hands, your feet on pavements across town and across the country are still our most precious resource.

6. We Empower Women.

We offer leadership and mentoring and we provide a safe space for like-minded progressives to work on education and action. Our branches build on our Manifesto and our mission to set their own course, based on the unique issues in their community. And we’re looking for emerging leaders to support, while they bring their expertise and passion to WILPF US.


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