Russia is the subject of the June ONE WILPF CALL

Sharon Tennison, right, in a 2015 Russian TV interview of American citizen diplomats. Credit: Center for Citizen Initiatives, CCI Videos,

Russia is the subject of the June ONE WILPF CALL, Thursday, June 8, at 4 pm pacific/7 pm eastern. Sharon Tennison of the Center for Citizen Initiatives will be our presenter, speaking about her latest trip to Russia, together with David Swanson. Their delegation met with former Premier Gorbachev and peace activists promoting a NO FIRST (nuclear) STRIKE AGREEMENT between the US and Russia. You’ll get a chance to ask Sharon about her observations.

Members of our DISARM/End Wars Committee are particularly invited to join the dialogue. With all the headlines and the threats in the news and nuclear bullying by our President, it’s a timely conversation.

Recently, an article by Paul Craig Roberts has been circulating that describes Chinese and Russian assessments of an impending US nuclear attack. Are you Ready to Die? is a disturbing article by an edgy US economist and liberal political adviser. If it’s true, what, if anything, can WILPF members do about it? How can we help defuse this dangerous situation?

ALL WILPF MEMBERS are invited to participate in ONE WILFP CALLS. The technology is easy to maneuver, and technical support is provided.

Preregistration is REQUIRED, but it is easy. Just click on the Preregistration link to register.

You can call in with only your phone, or using both your phone and your computer for a fuller communication experience. All voices will be muted during the general part of the call and open during Break Out Rooms.

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