The ONE WILPF CALL is for all members!

Submitted by the Development Committee of WILPF US

The ONE WILPF CALL is for all members! Join the March 9 call to learn about a second Solidarity Event being planned for June 18. WILPF International is asking WILPF US members to take action together.

You don’t have to be a branch leader or contact to engage in lively discussions with WILPF US members from across the country and to work closely on projects or plans to strengthen and improve WILPF.

Every month, the ONE WILPF CALL offers the opportunity to reach out and connect and to participate in guiding WILPF forward in activism and strategy. An average of 30 members, representing some 16 branches—and several at-large members, too—join these calls.

Add to your calendar:
Thursday, March 9
4 pm pacific / 7 pm eastern

You can call in with only your phone, or using both your phone and your computer for a fuller communication experience. It’s easy! Preregistration for the calls is necessary, and you can register here.

On March 9, featured speaker Ray Acheson, from the WILPF International UNO program Reaching Critical Will, will discuss her plan to ask WILPF US branches to participate in planning Solidarity Marches to coincide with the Women’s March to Ban the Bomb activities, which Reaching Critical Will is planning for Sunday, June 18, in New York City. The March 9 call will help us gain awareness about the historic negotiations for a Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty coming up at the United Nations in March and June. Read more about the June 18 march in the DISARM/End Wars update.

So far, the monthly ONE WILPF CALL has featured speakers like CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin, Popular Resistance organizer Margaret Flowers, International WILPF President Kozue Akibayashi, Middle East expert Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies, and our own two WILPF US Issue Committee Chairs Nancy Price of Earth Democracy Committee and Cindy Domingo of the Cuba and Bolivarian Alliance Committee. These calls are inspirational and are helping to shape member engagement in WILPF. Consider joining the call on March 9.


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