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Submitted by the Development Committee of WILPF US

Are you missing out? WILPF US is offering members a free training in how to use Facebook. Sign up today.

Without many options for affordable or responsive media, one of the few ways to get your message out to the public today is through social media. Movements are organizing around Facebook and Twitter, and important communications are increasingly being relegated to these communication platforms. Understanding these platforms involves using techniques that, as an activist and organizer, you need to know. And now, WILPF US is making accessible some valuable instructions.

Learn to use Facebook, for your activism, your branch, your community! Michael Ippolito, a professional educator who is proficient in Facebook, will be sharing some valuable skills. He is known to many of you as our “backdoor engineer” who makes the ONE WILPF CALL possible through the Maestro technology. Michael is a patient and very clear instructor. He will use screen sharing, so you can see how he “likes,” “shares,” and “posts” on Facebook and how he creates and promotes “events” on Facebook.

Put Saturday, March 11, 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern, on your calendar. Preregister for the training call now. This FREE training is a benefit of WILPF US membership!

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