Should WILPF Join Other Groups Challenging Monsanto (a survey)

By Marybeth Gardam, Chair, Corporations vs Democracy Issue Committee in Collaboration with the Food Democracy/Local Economy Subcommittee of the Earth Democracy Issue Committee

Members and branches are asked to complete this survey (print and mail) or complete it online and return it on or before August 15, 2012

The Corporations vs Democracy Working Group and the Food Democracy/Local Economy subcommittee of the Earth Democracy Committee have prepared an informational introduction to Monsanto Corporation’s ‘crimes’ against the environment, food security, human rights and democracy. Other national organizations have pledged to confront the giant multi-faceted corporate giant, including FOOD DEMOCRACY, NATION OF CHANGE, and MILLIONS AGAINST MONSANTO. WILPF has limited resources but this article suggests ways in which members and branches could have broad impact, even without a lot of resources.

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