We want you to stay

Here are some of the reasons you should stay engaged with us:

  • Non Proliferation Action… US WILPF was well represented at the big April 24h PEACE & PLANET Conference, March and Festival on the eve of the Non Proliferation Treaty sessions at the UN.   WILPF’s Disarm and End Wars Committee members participated in the planning of this important event, and US WILPF was a formal “Endorser”. 
  • Abolishing Nuclear Weapons… May, 2015 our Disarm and End Wars Committee will conduct its annual Lobby Day in Washington, DC, bringing a new young member from Portland, OR with them to learn the ropes in approaching Congress.  They’ll be also educating Congress and the Administration on the importance of eliminating nuclear weapons.
  • Collaborating on a new MANIFESTO for International Peace and Conflict Resolution… US WILPF women collaborated on the new vision for creating Peace, 100 years since the original Manifesto was issued by the Delegates to the Women’s Peace Conference at The Hague. The new MANIFESTO was adopted and released at our International Congress in April which issues a modern call to end war and address the root causes of war.  Read about it here.

Making a difference in the area of HUMAN RIGHTS.

  • Raising the Issue of Sex Trafficking… Many WILPF branches across the US, led by the example of the Madison and Milwaukee WI branches, are pursuing community education programs on Human Trafficking and modern day sex slaves, a huge multi-national billion dollar business that is alive and well on the streets of US cities.
  • Standing with Victims of Violence and Immigration Disaster In Mexico…  This Fall we will be bringing a speaker from Mexico to travel to branches across the country and lift up the issue of immigration reform, the children held in detention at our southern border and the heartbreaking case of the 43 students kidnapped from Ayotzinapa, Mexico and later found murdered in a mass grave.  Read more about it here.
  • Demanding an End to Racially Motivated Police Violence…  WILPF branches across the US marched in solidarity with protesters in Ferguson, MI after the death of Michael Brown.   Our St. Louis branch, close enough to Ferguson, joined the local protests there.  And our Rapid Response Team issued a strong STATEMENT you can read here.


  • Water Privatization Actions… WILPF members are collaborating with protesters and activists in Detroit to demand an end to water shut-offs for non-payment of bills in that beleaguered city.  WILPF members in the town of Davis, CA worked hard to prevent the privatization of their water system and still face the corporate takeover of water plants.   
  • Protecting Our Health & Food Security…Long before the WHO named the toxic herbicide (weed-killer) Glyphosate (in Roundup and other weed-killer products) “a probably Carcinogen”, The WILPF Human Right to Health & Safe Food Campaign was already organizing branches and members to educate their communities about this health threat and food security threat, and to take action.
  • Anti-Fracking and Anti-Keystone Pipeline Actions…From one end of America to the other, WILPF branches have joined with other collaborating environmental and legal rights groups to address the environmental threats of fracking, mountain-top mining and petroleum tar sands pipelines. Read about it here.

Please continue to work with us in making our voices heard in the world on issues of PEACE.

If you would like more information on what you can do to be involved, please contact WILPF.
email: info@wilpfus.org
Phone: 617-266-0999

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