Past eActions and eAlerts


December 4: NAFTA Alert. Show us the text!

November 11: Day of Mobilization on NAFTA

September 25: Affordable Care Act

April 21: Syria Alert

February 9: Support Standing Rock Sioux  

January 25: Dakota Access Pipeline  


December 16: Solidarity Event Alert

November 15: TPP Alert

November 9: Syria Alert

October 20: Take Action on TPP & Climate Justice

September 19: Water is Life: WILPF US Stands With Water Defenders Against The Pipeline

June 30: WILPF stands with the victims of the Orlando shooting

March 24: Celebrate Mother Earth Day, April 22

March 10: WILPF US condemns murder of Berta Cáceres

January 19: TPP

January 2: TPP


December 10: Board Elections

November 19: Humanitarian Call to Action — Paris, Beirut

October 14: Kunduz Bombing

October 13: Action Alert on TPP

August 18: CA WILPF cluster meeting set Sept. 19

August 17: Still time for a TPP-Free Zone near you

June 24: Statement on the church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina

June 22: Crossing the DMZ and more from PeaceWomen

June 4: Code Blue Campaign to End Immunity of UN Peacekeepers

May 19: WILPF: March Against Monsanto

April 6: Act Now to Stop Fast Track

March 25: Results and Analysis of House Vote on Arming Ukraine

March 11: Report from WILPF retreat

February 24: 2015 board election results

February 16: eAlert: Take Action Today to Stop Fast Track

January 21: WILPF eAlert: Take Action Today to end corporate rule

January 20: WILPF-CA: Ride with Jane Addams on the Train to Hull House!


January 5: We must stop Fast Track to Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)


December 2: eAlert: We Are All Ayotzinapa; "Enough, I'm Tired"

November 12: eAlert: Stop Fast Track and Stop the TPP

October 9: California WILPF "Talking With Our Grandmothers" tour kicks off

September 17: Joining the People's Climate March

May 14: Take Action! Challenging Corporate Power Across the Country and Right in Your

April 22: Join These Calls to Action with Earth Democracy and Corporations v. Democracy

March 12: eAlert: WILPF-US 2014 Election Results

February 4: Action Required! Middle East e-Action from the Haifa Conference

January 28: Urgent Action Required! Don't Betray Democracy! No "Fast Track" for the TPP!

January 16: Urgent Action Required! Speak Out Now-Stop Fast Track!


December 27: Give Today for Tomorrow's Peacemakers

December 5: A Call to International Action on Syria

November 6: Urgent Petition: Support Palestinian Activist

November 4: Ring Bells for Peace November 11

October 29: Stopping Fast Track is the first step to stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP)

WILPF West Regional Meeting - November 16, 2013: Creating Positive Change

October 21: A Message from Secretary General Madeleine Rees

October 7: eAlert: October 8 - National Teach-In on Syria and U.S. Policy in the Region

eAlert: WILPF West Coast Regional Meeting

September 29: Red Alert! Fast Track: A Threat to Democracy

eAlert: WILPF-US Regional Meeting

September 25: eAction: It's Time to Take the Steps That Can Put an End to War!

September 18: eAlert WILPF-US Syrian statement

September 17: Act TODAY! Derail Fast Track and Stop the Transpacific Partnership

September 8: Take Action Now! Cut Off Aid to Egypt Until Democracy is Restored

Take Action Now! The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Transnational Corporations

Call to Action for a Nuclear Free Future in Our Lifetimes

First They Came for Bradley Manning! Sign the Petition!

We Need Our Nuclear Free Future Now!

Earth Democracy Spring Tour


We Need Your Input on the Next WILPF US Membership Congress

Will You Help End the War on Women?

Share Your Passion for Peace

WILPF U.S. Statement on Gaza - Request Support from the President, State Department, and Your Representatives!

Calling California WILPFers for the California November General Election

Ring Bells for Peace

Urgent call for signatures on Petition to Secretary of State Clinton regarding upcoming Depleted Uranium Resolution at the Unite

Act Now to Label GMO Food in California

Call your Assembly Member. "Yes" on AB 685-Human Right to Water

Californians Take Action Now for Human Rights and Safe Water!

Mobilizing for Success in the November Election - August 18!

Don't Frack with California!