Earth Democracy


Newly launched
The Human Right to Health and Safe Food, a Corporations v. Democracy and Earth Democracy joint campaign.  We have an information-packed website, easy to distribute Infographic cards and up-to-date news.  

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Earth Democracy’s mandate is broad, and so we created the four subcommittees: Human Right to Water and Health; Rights of Nature/Future Generation Guardianship; Food Democracy/Local Economy; and  Global Warming/Renewable Energy. To integrate these broad subject areas under Earth Democracy, we highlight two framing initiatives, working in collaboration with Carolyn Raffensperger, founder and Executive Director of the Science and Environmental Health Network. These initiatives are: the Precautionary Principle and Guardianship of Future Generations. Listen to Carolyn speak “On Becoming Great Ancestors” and Guardianship.

It’s time to build a movement of movements for people, planet and peace over profit.  Six WILPF-US Earth Democracy team members and friends converged for the NYC Climate Summit, Sept. 19-20, to hear great speakers, attend inspirational workshops, and march on Sunday 9/21, under the Earth Democracy banner. Learn more about the efforts under way. 

We now have fracking brochures available for printing and distribution. This brochure was originally designed for use by the Santa Cruz Branch. Under "What You Can Do," please add the contact information for your own Congressional, State and Local representatives and your local Branch. Click on the images below to download Earth Democracy fracking brochures in English and Spanish:








Download Earth Democracy posters here (click on the images to download the poster in 8.5" x 11" size. If you would like a larger or custom size, please contact and we'll get one right out to you via email.):









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