Updates on the Intercept Human Trafficking Campaign

by the Human Trafficking Subcommittee of Advancing Human Rights

The Intercept Human Trafficking Campaign was created by the United Methodist Women (UMW) to raise awareness of the spike in human trafficking at the Super Bowl and other Large Sport Events. Now in it’s fourth year, UMW invited WILPF and other secular and ecumenical organizations to partner in the Feb. 2, 2014 campaign at Metlife Stadium in E. Rutherford, NJ and for the long-term effort to end Human Trafficking.

As the Super Bowl has ended, other large sport events will follow and human traffickers will follow them! But human trafficking occurs every day of the year everywhere! Never has a Super Bowl seen such an extensive and concerted effort to make awareness a vital year round tool of prevention and prosecution than in New Jersey. Those who recognize the signs of human trafficking will gain the confidence to report suspicious activity and traffickers know that the general public is on heightened alert. More importantly, will male customers realize that they are contributing to a heinous crime and that the general public is on to them? The “Boys will be Boys” attitude that carries this miserable process must change.

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