Tucson Branch and Raging Grannies Flash Mob

Tucson Branch

Photo: Margaret, Mary, Margo, Lee (who wrote the song), Stephanie, Catherine, Deborah, and Rosemary.

by Deb Livingston, Chair of Tucson WILPF

Tucson WILPF and Raging Grannies were recently out at a Tucson mall for a flash mob, telling folks to "Kick the Millionaires Out of Congress & Boycott Big Corporations!!!"  We sang "Save Our Dough" and held up big red letters spelling out "Big Tax Scam" to a crowd of appreciative shoppers at the food court. Then we worked our way around to the other side of the food court and sang, again, before mall security came over.

People listening were very receptive. We handed out the lyrics to many folks. 


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