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Craigslist “Pop-Up Donation” Challenge

Dear WILPF Member or Friend,

One of our younger members recently put WILPF’s situation in the 21st Century into powerful words. She said:

“Those who oppose human rights and peace will always have funds to invest in violence and war. But organizations like WILPF will always have to seek funding for peace work and human rights advocacy”.

Of course it echoes the 1970s refrain about how nice it would be if Peacemakers had a huge budget to depend on and the Defense Department had to hold bake sales to buy more war planes.

Not much has changed since the 70s on that equation, except that funding for peace and justice organizations has gotten tighter and harder to find. And the issues WILPF members engage are more complex and challenging than ever.

With so many issues and so many challenges, we rely on you more than ever to show your support for our mission, program and the work that keeps us so  engaged.

We are introducing this Mini-Newsletter to keep you abreast of many of the details you might not have gotten from the Internet, our website, our EAlerts or ENewsletters. We encourage you to read those postings, open our email, forward and share information about our programs, our branches and our challenges. You’ll also find out about our successes, our newest Board Members, our latest recruiting successes, our goals for fundraising and staying strong at

Printing and mailing more hard copy updates is expensive, so we’re asking you TODAY to consider a meaningful gift that helps defray our costs and expand funds for program and branch support.

  • If you were moved by the potential for training and recruiting new leaders in our Practicum and CSW story
  • If you continue to be inspired by the energy and raw courage of our DISARM leaders
  • If you are as delighted as we are at the return on investment our MiniGrant Program is getting

BEFORE MAY 30th —Now is the time to dig in and contribute to expand theCraigslist “Pop-Up Donation” Challenge! If just 100 of us give $100, we’ll reach our goal by Memorial Day, a fitting deadline for peace organizing.

But ANY amount will help meet our goal.

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I am humbled by your support in reelecting me as your President. We have a lot to do together!

Let’s stand united for ONE WILPF!

In Peace

Mary Hanson Harrison

PS. Don’t miss being counted in! If you have not renewed your membership, you might not get all our publications. Contact with questions about your renewal date!

PPS. Click here to read my full text of my letter send to all WILPF members this spring.



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