Stretch your leadership wings! Run for WILPF US Board!

Newly enfranchised women voting in the recall election of Hiram Gill as mayor of Seattle, Washington, February 1911. Credit: “McClure’s,” October 1911, p. 655, photographed at Seattle Public Library. Wikimedia Commons.

by WILPF US National Nominating Committee

Do you want to take your WILPF membership to another level? We encourage you to run for any of the five board positions that will be open in January 2017. We need enthusiastic, active members to serve on the board and help lead our organization. The deadline for applications is September 18. To apply for the fall 2016 board election or to nominate someone you think would be a great candidate, click on the links below for details:

These are demanding times for activists in the United States and for WILPF US. This calls for board candidates with special qualities of passion, clear-sightedness, and leadership abilities. Four three-year positions are open: Treasurer, Personnel Committee Chair, Program Committee Chair, and Membership Development Committee Chair. One of the At-Large Board Member positions is also available; the person elected to this position will serve the third and final year of a three-year position.

Why run for WILPF-US Board?

  • Help make policy to shape the future of WILPF
  • Help build our membership, program, and finances
  • Learn new leadership and organizational skills
  • Get to know the inner workings of a respected national organization
  • Meet new activists

Here are extremely brief overviews of each position’s role:

  • The Treasurer is the chief fiscal officer of the Section and chair of the Finance Committee.
  • Similarly, the Personnel Chair chairs the Personnel Committee, which ensures that personnel issues, including hiring and evaluations, are addressed and all personnel policies are implemented.
  • The Program Chair works with a co-chair to oversee the Program Committee and assist and direct it in its responsibility for ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of WILPF’s programmatic activities, including fostering broad member participation in these activities.
  • The Membership Development Committee Chair and committee support the growth, sustainability, and development of WILPF US membership and ongoing contact with branches.
  • The At-Large Board Member board position is designed to attract younger and/or busier WILPF US members and give them the experience of board membership with a lower level of responsibility than other board positions. Although their duties are, intentionally, not specified, the At-Large members are encouraged to volunteer for various board committees and tasks that arise in the course of their term.

If you have any questions, contact the Nominating Committee at


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