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The Portland, OR Branch reported on a special event that was held on Friday, October 21. The Multnomah Friends Meeting honored their longtime member—and longtime WILPF activist—Carol Urner.

Following an international supper at the Multnomah Friends Meeting House, Carol spoke about her international work for peace and justice across our planet. With her late husband, Jack, Carol spent over 35 years abroad, in Libya, the Philippines, Egypt, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Lesotho, and many other countries. She has served the cause of world peace in small African villages and at the United Nations.

Carol focused on her time in South Africa, when conditions were similar to the situation in the US situation right now. In her view, the end of apartheid depended on one individual, the South African Quaker academic and peacemaker Hendrik W. van der Merwe, who, for the 30 years previous, had gone from person to person on each side, looking for common ground.

Watch a video of Carol telling her stories. Or visit Flickr for an album of photos of the evening.


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