Speak up! Bylaws Committee seeks input, participants

By Darien De Lu, Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee Chair

What changes in our Bylaws will help make WILPF US structurally and procedurally more effective? That’s the question the national Bylaws Committee is seeking input on, as well as volunteers to contribute to the discussion.

The committee welcomes WILPFers to help build better Bylaws by sending in suggestions and by stepping up to participate in the committee discussion and work. In next year’s WILPF US elections, members may be asked to vote on substantial changes, which will be considered and framed in the next few months. What worksin your branch, in other membership-driven organizations you know of, in your experience?

What parts of the Bylaws should be changed, because they might be out of date or forgotten? Is consensus decision-making beneficial in our procedures? What powers do we wish to keep in the hands of the members? What authority and power might the members wish to delegate to the national board? Are you (WILPF US members only) interested in visiting and/or being part of the Bylaws Committee?

You can read the current WILPF US Bylaws on our website. At the 2017 WILPF US Congress, the Bylaws Committee will present a workshop on the Bylaws and possible changes.  We welcome your comments and questions about the Bylaws, the amendment process, and the Congress workshop! 

Please send your ideas, questions, or requests for further contact to Darien De Lu, via email to bylawreview@wilpfus.org or by phone at 916-739-0860.

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