September 14 ONE WILPF CALL

Congress workshop with Leah Bolger. Credit Ellen Thomas.

By Sandy Thacker, Anne Henny, Marybeth Gardam, and Michael Ippolito

So, you WANTED to go to Congress but couldn’t get there . . .

Now you can participate in two of the engaging workshops that were offered at the 33rd Triennial Congress, and work together with the workshop leaders and the folks who began the dialogue in Chicago on the topics:

  • Reclaim Elections 2018: End Stolen Elections, Voter Suppression, and Gerrymandering (Michelle Laws of Triangle Branch and Nancy Price of the Earth Democracy Issue Committee)
  • Rebuilding the Beloved Community (facilitated by Sylvia Metzler of the Greater Philadelphia Branch)

On the next ONE WILPF CALL, Thursday, September 14, at 4pm pacific/7pm eastern, you’ll hear a quick summary of what each of these two workshops planned and accomplished at Congress, and then you’ll choose which one you want to keep working on in BREAK OUT ROOMS that will identify NEXT STEPS for branches, members, and WILPF US in these important areas of activism.

Look for opportunities for your branch to organize in these areas, or for SOLIDARITY events we can plan during 2018 across WILPF US, including at-large members too!

You’ll also hear how you can participate in the DISARM/End Wars Issue Committee’s End the Whole Nuclear Era campaign and online petition to ban the bomb. Don’t miss this timely featured action, as the Doomsday Clock moves 30 seconds closer to midnight.

JOIN THE CALL! Register on the preregistration link 

You can call in with only your phone, or using both your phone and your computer for a fuller communication experience. All voices will be muted during the general part of the call and open during Break Out Rooms.

  • PRESS 5 on your phone keypad if you have any technical problems.
  • PRESS 1 on your phone keypad during the Q&A to raise your hand and get on the stack, or to vote in real-time polls.


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