Save Medicare/Health Care for All protest

Save Medicare

Tucson Save Medicare/Health Care for All protest. Credit: Andrea Witte, “The Connect The Dots Lady”

In Tucson, Arizona, together with a coalition of groups, including the Progressive Democrats, Jenise Porter, Lee Stanfield (Raging Granny), and other WILPF members took part in organizing a Save Medicare/Health Care for All event, held on Sunday, January 15, 2017.

As Lee Stanfield reported: “Even with all the rain, we still had 50 to 60 participants in our protest today in front of Banner UMC on Campbell.” (The local Tucson news team arrived while the group was still setting up, so the video that was aired on Channel 13 news did not do justice to the “Grim Reaper” or the long line of participants.)

“We had a lot more traffic than we expected, especially for a very wet, cold Sunday! We got a lot of attention from the passing cars: many, many who honked and gave us a thumb’s up. Those who registered opposition could be counted on one hand. We even got at least one person (a young woman), who was passing on foot, to come back and take part in the protest!”

Tucson WILPF members plan to have another such event soon (without the rain, they hope), so stay tuned for details on when and where. In the meantime, keep calling and emailing and going to see your members of Congress, and urging everyone you know (and everyone you meet) to do likewise.


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