Resist Militarization, Nuclear Weapons, and Killer Drones

Help the United Nations and US Legislators Build Peace

by the DISARM/End Wars Issue Committee

Thousands of peace builders from around the world will join us in resisting militarism in the US and in their own countries on April 14-15 this year. Some WILPF US Branches have already planned actions for Tax Day and every WILPFer can take action in some way. Go to the US web pages of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending for rich resources all of us can freely use. Explore any of the other headings across the top of the GDAMS US page and find more wonderful resources. How great to know that so many in the world are standing with us on April 14-15 to end militarism and war and to use our resources instead for human rights and the benefit of all! Our country, tragically, has now become the greatest promoter of war and militarism in the world.

All of April and May WILPF Branches and each of us can take action to ban militarized drones. Go to Know Drones find resources, read about actions and report your own. WILPF US endorses this call to action. 

Register now for Alliance for Nuclear Accountability DC Days May 18-24.

FLASH!  MacGregor Eddy (Monterey Branch) received the Space in Peace award this year for her sustained efforts to end nuclear weapons and missile “defense” testing at Vandenberg Air Force Base. MacGregor, Jackie Cabasso, Alice Slater and Carol Urner all attended the March 14-16 Global Network Conference for Our Committee.

You can freely download and use materials, logos and graphics from both GDAMS and Know Drones. Their organizers will appreciate acknowledgement of the source, however. If it makes sense to you, then download, copy or print and use the flyer on Know Drones proposing a law banning militarized drones.  

Early Bird registration for DC Days ends April 15 but you can continue registering up to the week of the conference. The Sunday training is very important so be sure to be there for the entire day. For out-of-towners that will mean coming into DC by Saturday evening. Please contact Arielle Moncure at for details.

Both the NPT and ANA offer deep learning experiences as well as opportunity to contact staff and government officials directly in the United Nations and/or in the US Congress and Administration. 

We suggest that you take time to study any of these four websites:,, or

If you have questions for which you cannot find answers please contact the co-chairs of the Disarm/End Wars Issue Committee. Email Carol Urner and/or Ellen Thomas


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