Put Your Skills into Action!

National Bylaws Committee and Others Invite Volunteers

You can be a significant part of building WILPF US as a dynamic organization!  The ad hoc Bylaws Committee, having successfully completed the projects of its first 18 months of functioning, is seeking a few additional new members.

Now, with last year's first member-vote on Bylaws amendments,  WILPF US members know much more about the committee and its work.

You could be part of this national committee!  You can get to know WILPFers from across the country who work together really well.  We have congenial, interesting and often entertaining monthly conference call meetings - and we get a lot accomplished!

Of course, we realize this work is not everyone's idea of fun! If you'd like to be more involved in national WILPF in some way, whether this or something else might be it, please contact the Nominating Committee (email nominations@wilpfus.org). We'll be glad to work with you to find a mutually beneficial connection!

But maybe you do  think you might be someone who would like to join the Bylaws Committee?

You must have been a member of WILPF for at least a year and be comfortable using email for communications. Beyond that, you don't have to meet all the qualities below exactly, but if these generally describe you, you might fit right in as an effective member:

  • You have been active (for at least six months) on a WILPF committee of some kind or in a branch.
  • You are willing to meet monthly via conference calls and to communicate between calls via email.
  • You understand that revising Bylaws and monitoring our organization's compliance with them is a long-term process, so you anticipate a commitment to the committee of at least two years.

Probably you'll want more information before actually applying.  Please contact the committee with your questions—or to request an application—at bylawreview@wilpfus.org

Did you know? You can use the same email address to send us your suggestions for changes in the Bylaws. You can read the updated Bylaws at http://wilpfus.org/about/wilpf-us-section-laws.

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