Petition to support West Bank settlement freeze

By Tina Shelton, Greater Philadelphia Branch Co-Chair

The Greater Philadelphia Branch has kicked off a petition drive on The petition, Support U.N. Resolution on West Bank Settlement Freeze, is addressed to President Obama and calls on him to act “by supporting a United Nations Security Council Resolution rejecting the expansion of West Bank settlements. This is urgent in light of President-elect Donald Trump’s support of settlement expansion.”

We would ask all WILPF US members to consider signing. Our goal is to reach 100 signatures, and we need more support. You may read the full letter, sign, and share on the petition page.

Our members are aware of the need for this action, but if you want to share information about this issue with others, two background articles can be found at +972 Magazine

President Jimmy Carter also has a recent op-ed in “The New York Times”: America Must Recognize Palestine


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