Peaceful Toys Promenade

Peaceful Toys Promenade.

Peaceful Toys Promenade. Credit: Margaret Pecoraro.

Submitted by Margaret Pecoraro, Tucson Branch

Members of the WILPF Tucson Branch held the first of their two annual “Sidewalk Welcome to Shoppers” on Black Friday, November 25, urging shoppers to buy peaceful toys for the youth of our society during this Christmas season. Joined by “Santa Claus” and wearing bright and festive colors and carrying signs—such as “Grannies know best! Promote Peace. No War Toys!”—members of the “Peaceful Toys Promenade” greeted shoppers outside a Tucson Toys “R” Us.

The second promenade will take place December 18, the last Sunday before Christmas, outside Walmart. The Tucson Branch invites all to join them.

The two Peaceful Toys Promenades, now a Tucson Branch tradition of about 20 years, first originated with Pat Birnie, a long-time WILPFer. Among the participants in the Black Friday 2016 promenade were Elizabeth Brizzard, Mary DeCamp, John Jorgensen, Stephanie Keenan (with a “bookmobile” of “freebies”), Luise Levy (in a beautiful cape with the words “Give Peace Love”), Deborah Livingston, Gretchen Nielsen, Garth (Pat) and Margaret Pecoraro, Patty Walker, and Stuart Thomas (as Santa Claus). 








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