Nine Conferences—One Movement

Strategy and Empowerment at 2013 Democracy Convention

By Marybeth Gardam, Corporations v Democracy Issue Committee

The 2011 National Democracy Convention in Madison, WI was a galvanizing convergence of pro-democracy advocates, environmentalists, economic justice advocates and peace activists. Many attendees called it a life-changing event and dedicated themselves to work towards a 28th Constitutional Amendment.

Since then, there have been regional conferences around the country but finally a long-awaited national convention is scheduled for Madison, WI August 7–11, 2013. It promises to be another inspiring and empowering gathering of hundreds of colleagues all facing the same direction and ready to take their opposition to corporate abuse of power to the next level. WILPF is co-sponsoring the Convention and hopes WILPF members from across the nation will come learn how corporate personhood connects to all WILPF issues. Learn more about the Convention and register at

The 2013 Democracy Convention will include several tracks. WILPF’s own Nancy Price is planning the Earth Democracy track. Other tracks include the Economic Democracy Track, Democratizing Defense, Race & Democracy, Education for Democracy, Representative Democracy, Local Democracy, Constitutional Reform Conference and the Media Reform Conference. And this year the convention will be even bigger because many of the workshops will be collaborative with the Veterans For Peace Annual Convention which is being held in Madison at the same time.


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