Keep the Frack Out of My Water


Start now to plan a dynamic community action for September 22.

On September 22 - WILPF and Earth Democracy joins the growing coalition in the Global Frackdown Day of Action calling for a global BAN on fracking.

Join this growing and powerful people’s movement to ban fracking not just in the U.S., but world-wide. This is one big step toward environmental and climate justice that will help secure national and international peace and freedom now and for future generations.

WILPF is one of many hundreds of partner endorsing organizations. 

Sign on here as a WILPF Branch or as an individual.

As a partner organization, we’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Have events featured on the Global Frackdown website with a link to WILPF and each scheduled event
  • Increase media attention locally by tying the local event to the global day of action
  • Have sample materials for use on the day of action, including: a media advisory template, events page to track registrations, and editable flyers
  • Create a powerful counter-narrative to the “dirty” energy industry’s PR by having coordinated, unified actions across the world.

Start now to plan a dynamic community action for September 22.

Plan a September 22 Event Now:

This could be a film screening, a potluck where participants can take photos with signs opposing fracking, a petition-signing to send to local and state legislators, or higher visibility events like constructing a fracking rig in a public space, coming together to make a human sign…just use your imagination. We’ll post your event to the AfD website.

Have a house party and show Gasland the award-winning documentary by Josh Fox. By the DVD on Amazon and use this Home Screening Tool Kit.

As WILPF Branches and members, go beyond just this call to ban fracking by promoting solutions like Oregonians for Renewable Energy: OREP and their proposals to use of German-style Feed-In Tariffs to jump start locally produced renewable and job creation at the same time. Print out OREP’s “Democratizing the Grid: A Sustainable Energy Future for Oregon” brochure and distribute at you local September 22 event.

Educate your community on the impact of “dirty fuels” on the environment, public health, and global warming, and the renewable energy alternative now being pioneered by OREP, by requesting that your local public access TV station play these interview programs of leading activists on Populist Dialogues.

This Global Frackdown is to bring international attention to the oil and gas industry’s pro-fracking propaganda. Natural gas fracking IS NOT the transitional path to renewable energy. And, with U.S. consumption down due to conservation, fuel-efficient vehicles, a glut of natural gas that has reduced profits in the U.S., the rush to increase natural gas production in the U.S. is not for “energy independence,” but for export requiring thousands of miles of new pipe and rail lines to the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific with huge terminal complexes planned for WA and OR. Why subsidize “dirty” oil, gas and coal? Why not subsidize a sustained transition to true, green renewable energy, now?

In this “Viewpoint” web exclusive, Josh Fox, environmental activist and director of “Gasland," talks about fracking and his new “emergency film,” The Sky is Pink about the impact of fracking on NY state, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo is considering allowing fracking in just a few counties.

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