Hands Off Venezuela! Uphold the Bolivarian Revolution

By Cindy Domingo, Cuba and the Bolivarian Alliance Issues Committee

The recent demonstrations in Venezuela require the US peace movement to be vigilant in upholding the Venezuelan peoples’ right to self determination. The Venezuelan people have democratically elected their president and their government officials since Hugo Chavez was first elected in 1998. In response to a question about the April, 2013 presidential elections, former US President Jimmy Carter said, “Venezuela probably has the most excellent voting system that I have ever known.”  These elections reflect the ongoing support for the Bolivarian revolution by the Venezuelan people. 

However, the media outlets both in the US and throughout the world would lead us to believe that the vast majority of Venezuelans are calling for the ouster of their President Nicolas Maduro.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

During the past decade, under President Chavez and now Maduro, Venezuela has been completely transformed economically, socially and politically. Poverty has been reduced by over 50% and healthcare and education through graduate school is free and accessible to all. The state provides subsidies for food, housing and job training. These are just a few of the reforms that have addressed the long term needs of the Venezuelan people.

President Maduro has called for a national peace conference to bring peace to Venezuela.  We call on President Obama and Congress to respect the democratic process in Venezuela and to allow the Venezuelan people to determine their own future.  We call on our elected officials to investigate the funding of counterrevolutionary activities in Venezuela and US ties to the leaders of the 'opposition.'

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Photo: Courtesy of www.venezuelanalysis.com. Venezuela Remembers Chavez - The one year anniversary of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez's death was commemorated across Venezuela on 5 March.

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