Greater Philadelphia honors Vivian Schatz

Vivian Schatz, seated, with Sylvia Metzler, Greater Philadelphia Branch co-chair; Marlena Santoya; and Linda Schatz, one of Vivian’s daughters. Courtesy Tina Shelton.

By Tina Shelton, Co-Chair, Greater Philadelphia Branch

On May 27, 2017, the Greater Philadelphia Branch of WILPF gathered to honor Vivian Schatz with its Peace and Justice Dove Award for her many years of service to the cause of peace and justice. She was recognized for her dedication to helping make the world a more humanitarian place. Her activism was noted in stories, and her work at both the national level (board member) and the branch level (before the Internet!) was saluted.

Branch member Marlena Santoyo compared Vivian’s service to that of others who have dedicated their lives to WILPF and to peace, such as Jane Addams. A fellow science teacher shared how Vivian’s impact on other science teachers has reached students all over the city of Philadelphia and beyond, by using the silkworm to teach the life-cycle and interconnectedness of things at a Philadelphia School Teacher Advisory Center.

The local Branch of the Granny Peace Brigade was on hand to honor Vivian in song.

Inset photo: The Granny Peace Brigade serenaded Vivian Schatz and luncheon guests. Courtesy Tina Shelton.


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